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Andy Russ:
My experience here at St. Pats was great. All my teachers were very
kind and very helpful. The class sizes were perfect sized and it was
perfect for getting help when you needed it. The day is separated into
the different classes which made the day go fast. Recess was always
fun and getting out gave us time to relax and get some fresh air. The
lunch is also great with the amazing cooks that put a lot of time into
the awesome lunch. The education is amazing. The teachers put their
hearts and souls into getting you a great education for the future.

Tawny Menster:
I had a great time here. No one judged anyone. Everyone was friends
or nice to each other. All the classes were fun. Every year we had
something fun to do in class like plays.

Alex Oldham:
I will never forget my experiences at St. Pats. All the teachers were
always nice and willing to work with you no matter how frustrated you
were. I will always remember when our 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Kremer,
was pregnant and then she finally told us it was a girl. It did not
matter what grade you were in because everyone treated you fair.
Recess was always the best because everyone was friends. I would go
back to kindergarten in a heartbeat and do it all again. It was so
powerful that I cannot put it into words. I learned so much and now
I am ahead in middle school.

Abby Oldham:
What I liked about St. Pats is that you have lots of one on one time
with the teachers. If you ever have any questions on your homework
then the teachers took the time to make sure you understood what you
were working on. When you came here, everybody was friends and nobody
judged other people. When you went out to recess, everybody would
play a game with each other. I remember that I loved my second grade
teacher, Mrs. Jones, so much that I made my own fan club for her. The club was
called the "Mrs. Jones Fan Club". I was the president and my twin
sister Alex was the Vice-President of the fan club. All of my friends
(which was my whole class) would always meet outside at recess for our
club meeting. It was so much fun. I also liked it when we would get
to act out skits for word service. I can't forget about my sixth
grade year when we would help the kindergarten with reading books. We
always had so much fun.

Tyler Fahey:
St Pats is a good school. My sisters Courtney and Paige go to school
at St. Pats. The church is very nice.


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