St. Patrick School 2017-2018 School Calendar and School Supplies List Are Available Now!
The new school calendar and school supplies list for St. Patrick School for the 2017-2018 school year are now available in the St. Patrick News section of the website Please click on this link to go to St. Patrick News.

ATTENTION [TIME SENSITIVE INFORMATION]! 2017-18 St. Patrick School Enrollment Information Now Available!
Click on the following link to go to our 2017-18 St. Patrick School Enrollment Information page. There you will find the documents needed to enroll your children in St. Patrick School for the coming school year!

ATTENTION PARENTS! FACTS Financial Aid is now available online for application!
An exciting new way to apply for financial aid is now available online! Take a few minutes to view an instructional video, which will make it easy for you to apply for that financial aid! Click on this link to View the FACTS Applying For Aid Online video now!
Sign up today to apply online for financial aid! Click on this link to sign up online for FACTS Financial Aid now!

Parents or guardians whose children will attend a public school next year must request open enrollment if they want their child enrolled in an attendance center in a school district that is different from the school district in which the family resides. The request for open enrollment must be submitted to both the resident school district and the receiving school district by March 1 of the year prior to the school year for which enrollment is sought. The open enrollment request form is available at any public school district or is available online. Click on this link to get a copy of the open enrollment request form!

ATTENTION! Important information for volunteers and employees who drive for school activities
As a requirement from Catholic Mutual, the Archdiocesan insurance carrier, all volunteers and employees must complete a 20-minute online defensive driving training prior to driving for school activities. Please click on this link for detailed information.